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20 January 1988
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Talking about oneself.... oookay here we go:
I am a giant tool that doesn't seem to be able to stick to something longer than a couple of months (for instance studying something, a job, sanity etc.). I'm living in the now way TOO much and can't come up with a greater plan for my life. Well, I'll somehow come by I guess.
I like to think of myself as a usually nice, easygoing person. I strive for openmindedness, respect, humbleness, tolerance and compassion towards other people and appreciate these things very much in others. A good sense of humour completes the package (I like to be ~witty~ sometimes or to tease people).
With this being said, the traits that I absolutely despise are hatred, arrogance and ignorance. They are, along with greed, responsible for everything evil in this world, especially when combined. Yes, for literally everything.