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Greetings, fellow LJers


I feel inclined to post a little something to my journal before trying to make rounds here, so that the "Welcome to Livejournal" entry isn't the first thing popping up whenever I view my profile for edits and updates. I hope we all get along nicely like milky buttercups with chocolate filling and such.

My reason to register to Livejournal was Oh No They Didn't. I wish to contribute a little to the community every now and then when I find the time. While not being a delusional stan and rather reasonable and aware of the ludicrousness of my obsession, I feel no shame in admitting that my first and foremost interest in that regard is...


I have respect and great sympathy for anyone who is NOT a fan of her and, despite her generally bad public image, still didn't immediately judge me now. To each his own, and two thumbs up to you. But as of recently I have noticed that ONTD seems to have warmed up to her charm anyway, so I just might get away with it? ;-p

That's it so far for now. Imma get me a drank now. Or probably just a glass of water, on this moody, mellow sunday evening.
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